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The Ultimate Hair Care Guide – Find Cure To Any Hair Problem

Hair Care Routine to Promote Healthy Hair Growth

Everybody deserves healthy-looking, gorgeous hair

Symbolizing youthfulness in men and beauty in women; no wonder why hair is an important part of our body. Having thick-stranded, gorgeous hair not only gives us our overall appearance but also boosts self-composure. Apart from just being a characteristic, hair also protects the under-lying skin as well.

When it comes to hair care, we are knowingly or unknowingly doing things on a daily basis that do much harm to our hair than good. Hair care products generally used by a majority of us are filled with harsh chemicals like sulphates, parabens & harmful colors. Prolonged use of such products causes hair to lose its strength, resulting in excessive hair loss, dandruff, premature greying, frizziness, split ends, loss of natural color and shine of the hair and many such issues. This needs to stop.

Whatever be your hair issues, all you need to do is, make slight changes in your everyday hair care routine, include some newer habits & perform once-in-a-month hair treatments to restore the lost properties of your hair. Without using branded products or spending time & money in salons you can surely achieve your “Hair goals” within 2-3 months.
So here I have come up with “The Ultimate Hair care Guide” to get rid of all sorts of hair problems, which also includes adding up some new chores in your routine; some do’s & dont’s and much more.

Read this article till the end to get a pretty good vision about what wrong you’ve being doing to your hair & how can you restore the goodness of your hair. Follow these and you’ll notice visible changes from the very first week.

Harms we do to our hair on a Daily Basis

Let’s first talk about the basic hair care habits we might be following wrong and see how can we correct them. It includes oiling, shampoo, conditioner, serum, hair styles, combing, drying & everything.

Chemical Products

Suffering from any hair issue whether it be hairfall or dandruff, we might be done changing tonnes of Shampoo brands easily available in the market, but did not get any satisfactory result. Some of the brands claim to be 100% natural & effective for your hair, and might initially do wonders but after sometime, it leaves our hair even more damaged than earlier. This is because of the presence of toxic chemicals like Parabens, Glycols, SLS, artificial color & fragrance.

✔️ Choosing Shampoo & Conditioner wisely + Personal Recommendation suited to all hair-types

Before you buy any hair product, make sure you go through the ingredient list of that brand, check reviews on the internet and lastly make sure you don’t switch brands frequently. Choose wisely & stick to it for a few months.
I started using WOW Apple Cider Vinegar Shampoo & Conditioner which free of any sulphates, parabens and is loaded with essential oils like Argan oil. This particular brand has not let my expectations down as within two weeks I got rid of 80-90% of frizziness in my hair, and within 4 months of usage I found my hair manageable than usual.

✔️ Technique to apply & get maximum benefits

1. Oiling your hair atleast 30 minutes before washing off is a good way to retain moisture & shine after shampoo. Plus, how oiling benefits our hair growth, we’ll come it later.

2. Taking some amount of shampoo & applying directly to wet hair is the common mistake.
Take a generous amount of shampoo (depending upon your length) in a bowl/container, roughly add some water & mix before pouring the mixture onto your hair. Doing this breaks up the components of the shampoo & gives maximum benefit.

3. Completely wash off the shampoo before putting on conditioner. It’s important. While applying conditioner make sure you leave the roots because conditioners work only for the hair & doesn’t nourish the scalp.

✔️ Hair Serum + Personal Recommendation

After washing your hair, applying serum to partly dry hair is a good way to seal in required moisture for a couple of days. To apply it on the length, take a few drops on your palm, add a drop or two of water, rub it in your palms & apply to your hair especially the tips.

I have been using BBlunt Intense Moisture Hair Serum for almost a year. This serum being void of any strong chemical, provides a boost of nourishment and gloss to dry, untamed hair. Enriched with natural oils & Vitamin E, this serum has helped me to retain my natural texture.

Oiling the Hair

Many people these days skip oiling hair before washing them. If you are also doing the same, problems like hair thinning & hairfall are evident from a very young age. Oiling your hair not only provides nourishment to your hair but also removes the excess dirt you might get when you are exposed to pollution for a longer time.
So now that we know the benefits of oiling our hair let us now I understand what is the best method to oil the hair to seize all its goodness and what should be the frequency of it depending upon your hair type.

✔️ How To Oil & Massage your scalp + Frequency

Before oiling your hair make sure that your oil is slightly warm so that it seeps in properly in your scalp through the roots and nourishes from within. Just take some of it on your fingertips and start massaging your scalp in a circular motion.

You can either keep the oil overnight or you can just apply it 30 minutes before washing your hair. But I prefer keeping it overnight & later braid my hair.
Depending upon your hair type, if your hair is normal to oily, oil your hair twice a week. But if your hair extremely dry and frizzy then do all your hair 3-4 times a week throughout the length of your hair.

✔️ DIY Oil For hair growth + Product Recommendation

Since a long time, I have been using this DIY oil at least once a week which fulfills all my hair needs and its 100% natural. In a dispenser bottle, I fill castor oil, bhringraj oil and coconut oil in equal parts and add a few drops of tea tree oil for a pleasant smell. That’s it. Only applying provides all round nourishment to my hair.

Khadi is one such Indian brand that is 100% natural and trusted since ages. To make this DIY oil I always buy Khadi Castor Oil and Bhringraj Oil online, which is not at all pricey, totally herbel & suits to my hair. For the coconut oil, you can always go for any cold-pressed virgin coconut oil of your choice. I use Parachute Pure Coconut Oil.

Recently, I started using Mamaearth Onion Hair Oil apart from the DIY oil I use, and felt noticeable changes in my hair. Onion stimulates our scalp , improves the blood circulation, and provides the much needed nourishment. Earlier I directly extracted and applied raw onion juice onto my scalp, but this onion oil alternative is far better when you can’t bear the smell.

Dealing with hair

Drying out wet hair & combing when not done properly can cause hair roots to weaken which can possibly lead to hairfall & sometimes leaves hair brittle. To avoid this, all you need to be is a little cautious & be gentle to your hair.

✔️ Never rub your towel rigorously with your hair strands. It’s not a good way to dry up the hair, as it may lead to split ends.
Instead, gently dab your hair with a clean, cotton towel; avoiding the roots because your hair tends to break easily when wet.

✔️ Combing wet hair might or might not break a lot of hair, but it does put stress on the follicles of your hair which will ultimately lead to hair loss.

Most women dry hair with a hair dryer, which is okay if you are in a rush or maybe the weather is cold. But if not, I suggest not to use one of these as they take away a lot of moisture from the hair. Let it dry on it’s own.

✔️ Frequently styling your hair causes our hair to lose it’s properties, becoming thin & brittle. Using a quality Hair Protection Spray is necessary.
I have a hair texture from curly to wavy which is not even. So, to get nice, wavy hair in the morning, I sometimes braid my damp hair (*when only the length of the hair is partly wet) and apply serum on top of my braided hair and it works well.

Best Hair care Habits to follow before it’s too late

Healthy habits lead to Healthy hair

1) Homemade Protein hair mask

This is needed to be done once a month. To make this nourishing hair mask all you need is —

Coconut Oil – 1 part : (has anti-bacterial properties & Vitamin E)
• Aloe Vera gel
– 2 part : (helps controlling frizz; rich in amino acids, thrives Keratin growth)
• Castor Oil – 1 part : (purported to enhance the health of hair follicles; promotes hair growth further)
• Honey – 1 part : (acts as conditioner; softens hair)
• Lemon juice – 1/2 part : (Rich source of Vit. C, prevents dandruff from getting back, cleanses scalp, provides shine and nourishment)

Apply this mask and leave it for like 30 – 45 minutes & then wash off with a mild shampoo and conditioner.

2) Your hair hates :((

✔️ Hot water : Avoid washing your hair with hot water even if it is winter. While taking shower wear a shower cap to cover the head.

✔️ Sun exposure : Direct exposure to strong sunrays during summer is not good for your hair as well as skin. Cover your hair with a scarf or carry umbrella during summers especially.

✔️ Sleeping while it’s still wet : Sleeping with wet hair sometimes leave your hair damp till morning and later gives an unpleasant smell. Always completely dry your hair before you’re off to bed.

✔️ Constant Touching : If you have a habit of constantly touching or playing with hair, it is obvious that you might be leaving a lot of unwanted dirt or bacteria from hands to your hair. So avoid doing that every now & then.

✔️ Tight Hair styles : Wearing a tight hair styles often puts undue pressure on the scalp making it prone to breakage. Do not tie your hair tightly each and everyday.

3) Balayam : Hair growth exercise

Balayam comes the terms “Baal” & “Vyayam” which mean ‘Exercise of Hair’. It’s an ancient Indian technique to get rid of all sorts of hair issues specially hair loss which leads to baldness & patchiness.
All you need to do is rub your finger nails together for 5-10 minutes daily, once or twice a day (depending upon the intensity of your hair problem).

Balayam when not done properly, doesn’t show any result. Proper technique to do Balayam includes —

• Try to rub the upper portion of the nail (near to cuticles) and not the tips, for maximum benefit. It’s initially difficult but soon you get into the practice.
• It’s not just an exercise you can do gently or comfortably. You need to vigorously rub your nails upside down until there’s a rubbing sound. Slowly you will feel vibrations onto your finger tips which is directly connected to the nerves of our hair roots.
• NEVER DO BALAYAM AFTER A MEAL. Always do it empty stomach.

4) Diet & Hydration

When our body is devoid of nutrients one thing it can afford to lose is hair. Our body thinks that since hair is not a crucial part of our body, it must serve nutrients to other vital parts & not hair.
Any hormonal imbalance or lack of nutrients; hair has to pay the price.
So it’s necessary to maintain a good diet & specially include proteins in the diet as our hair is nothing but made of proteins. Avoid junk, packaged food as much as possible and try adding Omega3 rich food like Dry fruits to your diet.

KEEP YOURSELF HYDRATED !! Losing toxins from your body itself enhances & nourishes your hair.

5) Pillowcase material

For atleast a month, consider using a Satin pillowcase over a regular pillowcase that makes a big difference to your hair and protect it from split-ends and breakage. 
Satin allows hair to slide along the surface of the pillowcase without tangles or knots, thus helps reduce breakage and frizziness of hair.

6) Combing before Sleep

This one easy habit not only keeps your hair manageable till morning, but also promotes proper blood circulation to the scalp. If you skip this then you could even gently massage your scalp with your fingertips right before you sleep.

Quick add-ons / Suggestions For Maximum Benefit —

✔️ Try combing your hair keeping the head upside down for better circulation of blood.
✔️ Combing with a wooden, flat brush makes your hair less prone to breakage. Such combs are easily available online at a cheap cost.
✔️ Add a drop or two of essential oil on the comb strands before brushing; if you have very dry hair.

7) Your hair is sensitive during periods

You might wonder what your periods has to do with the shedding hair. Well, the estrogen levels in our body dip on the first day, so washing hair that day might not be a good decision. Also when your cycle starts, you produce hormones that increase pain sensitivity, which causes your scalp to become tender to everything.
Loss of blood eventually leads to iron deficiency that causes hair fall, so try to eat well & stay hydrated.

8) At last, SWEAT IT OUT !

Yes. Stress can even lead to most of your skin or hair related issues. High stress increases the level of Cortisol in the body leading to premature greying of the hair.
Give yourself a BREAK! Be with yourself. Sweat it out. 15-20 minutes of regular exercise or Yoga helps your body to maintain it’s normal hormone levels. It’s helpful to you physically and emotionally.

If you have gone through the major portions of this article, I am sure you found it helpful & might implement some of these habits and give your hair a good treat! I shall come up with more such interesting blogs on Self-care, till then Stay Healthy & Stay Glamorous!

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