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” It’s My First Job Interview ” — What Should I Wear ?

Female Formal Attire with Recommended Combinations

A smart dress-up matters a lot

When it comes to job interviews, it’s tough to decide what to wear. Quality Formals help you boost your overall confidence and later, your performance. You are supposed to look really professional to create a good impression of yours in the eye of the interviewer. So a neat & smart dress-up matters a lot! Whether it be your Interview for a Job or Internship, dressing up in a proper formal attire should be taken care of very seriously.

So keeping certain rules in mind like — wearing outfits including a solid shirts, dark/navy pants or suit/blazer with skirt, I have made sure they are as Professional & Elegant as possible and you do not end up overdressing. Here, I have created 10 amazing combinations of female formal attires along with matching Heels/Shoes & Accessories for you to get a quick idea on how to find formals for yourself without losing much time. The combinations follow some do’s & dont’s so you get a a proper idea while dressing up.

1. Teal Blue Blazer & Pants + Shirt + Pumps + Tote

2. Black Long-Sleeved Slim Suit Set + Shirt + Pumps + Tie + Laptop Bag

3. Navy Blue Blazer & Skirt Set + Shirt + Solid Pumps + Laptop Bag

5. Dusky Grey Blazer-Casual Jacket-Pants Set + Shirt + Pumps + Handbag

6. Statement Dress ( Solid Shirt + Pencil Skirt ) + Flat Pumps + Sling Bag

7. Solid Maroon Shirt + Pants + Handbag + Heeled Boots

8. Black Striped Parallel Trousers + Solid Top + Heels + Sling Bag

9. Maroon A-Line Top + Pencil Skirt + Satchel + Pumps

10. Black & White Striped Culottes + Crop Top + Sling Bag + Pumps

You can always mix-n-match these combinations as per your wish and preference, cause definitely it should look the way you want it to. You can always have option on wearing skirt or pants as bottoms, so buy reasonably. It’s always expected that for once you must keep your budget high, specially when you are shopping formals. The material cost being high is understandable but when you have a couples of interviews to attend, good, pricey formals would last you long.

Other Important Things to Note While Dressing Up For An Interview :

  1. Do not overdress yourself. Lesser ornaments make you seem more dignified.
  2. Avoid Wrist Watches if they don’t go well with your outfit. Go for a less-sophisticated Bracelet instead.
  3. Make sure you smell nice. Spend a good money on a tempting Perfume.
  4. Hairstyle matters a lot. Tie your hair neatly in a pony tail or a bun. You can let your hair loose only if they a short. Prefer straightening.
  5. If you are not wearing any watch/bracelet, go for a simple earring. Make sure they aren’t too shiny or hooped.
  6. Wear as minimum makeup as possible. It’s just supposed to make your face look fresh. Don’t go for Dark colored Lipsticks or Eye-shadows.
  7. If you are wearing Pencil Skirts, DO NOT FORGET to wear Pantyhose (Black/Tint colored). It makes you look even more graceful.
  8. Do not paint your nails with deep colored Nail paints. Keep them as transparent-looking as possible.

GOOD LUCK !! :))

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