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Top 10 Rachel Green Outfits from F.R.I.E.N.D.S. – We’re Still In Love With

” The One With All The Outfits “

Jennifer Aniston as Rachel Green
Jennifer Aniston playing the character of Rachel Green in the famous sitcom F.R.I.E.N.D.S.

Rachel Karen Green rocked most trends of the past decades and even inspired some new ones. Her outfits hit all the coolest 90’s trends – turtlenecks, cropped sweaters, cow print, slip dresses. From her iconic haircut, to her miniskirt-and-stockings uniform, knee-high boots and denims there wasn’t any look that Rachel Green couldn’t own fabulously. Years after the last episode of Friends and we are still looking at Rachel Green as our fashion icon.

So to help you out at having a wardrobe similar to that of Rachel Green’s, I’ve gathered some of her best outfits from the show – Take a look at the 10 Most Stylish outfits Rachel Green ever wore and see where you can shop them now.

1. Checkered Black Shift Dress

In this episode, Rachel looks immensely gorgeous in this checkered shift dress or one-piece. Fitted enough to show off her figure and still be classy, this is undoubtedly one of Rachel’s best looks!

It pairs brilliantly with a white wrist watch, closed black heels and open hair with curls or bangs.

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2. A Black Shirt and High-Waisted Skirt

 Here, Rachel went for an effortless, solid black ensemble having a plain button-up shirt and high-waisted black miniskirt with black tights. Black heeled boots would make it all look fab.

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3. Cool Blue Denim Dungaree

In this dashing Dungaree, Rachel looks like a cute, innocent little girl in her 20’s. It gives her a High School girl look when she accessorizes it with a silver hairclip. You can try out this Dungaree over any solid fitted top and pair it with Casual White Sneakers.

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4. An Off-White Turtle-neck & Plaid Skirt

Another appealing outfit worn by Rachel Green is her Off-White Turtle-neck and Red-Black Plaid Skirt. To finish off her look she ties her hair in a puffed pony tail and wears a high-knee plain socks.

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5. Square Necklines paired with Dainty Straps

This one is Rachel Green’s signature look, I guess she couldn’t be any sexier ! (Chandler’s imitation 😜) Her red gown had a fitting silhouette. She styles her hair gorgeously in a French bun.

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6. Black Solid Dungaree with Plain fitted White Top

Dungarees are no doubt the most coolest Casual Wear, but when it’s black… it’s even winsome. Look how Rachel sways this look finishing underneath with a Plain fitted White Top.

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7. Mint Green Long Maxi

This Mint colored Long Maxi is that one Bourgeois Party/Occassion wear every lady should have in her closet. You can style this Classy look with a netted scarf and a shiny hand purse or just simply a beaded pearl bracelet. Open the link below and select the required colour.

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8. White Heart ❤ Top & Red-Black Checkered Pants

I’m personally in love with this look. Being a casual outfit, it yet gives you a preppy look, especially with those skinny checkered pants. I guess I could go trekking with those pants on 🙂 You can finish this look with Casual White Sneakers again and a Messy Hair Bun.

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9. Sleeveless Cropped Denim Jackets

Sleeveless Denim is one such outfit that is acceptable with/without any underlying top or pullover. Just put on one of these over Solid Skirts or Slack Leggings or Mini torned Jeans and you are good to go !!

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10. Multi-color Striped Blazer

Here, she flaunts this amazing multi-colored blazer to dress up a plain white T-shirt and a pair of classic blue jeans. You can accessorize it with Hoop Earrings and put on Stilettos or any Casual Heels.

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The outfits chosen to shop from are available here from trusted shopping sites. Go ahead and collect some of these quality outfits at reasonable prices. These are some of her outfits I believe would never be out of Fashion😉.

I shall come up with more such interesting blogs, till then Keep Calm & Stay Glamorous!

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